Air Handling Unit

Air_Handling_Unit_for_hospital_and_pharmaceutical Oxoair Provide Air Handling units are consist of Rigid Framework design has inherent strength and stability. The Aluminium profiles are corrosion resistant with specially designed three way corners. The panels are pressure injected with CFC free Polyurethane foam up to 45 Kg/cum densities. The entire Framework is mounted ona galvanized steel channel base. The Condensate drain pan is fabricated out of corrosion resistant SS-304 Stainless Steel insulated on outside with close cell insulation. The Units are compact in design to provide vibration-free , noiseless performance and are easily maintainable.

units can be Provided with Pre Filters, Fine Filters, hepa Filters , Mixing Box, Heaters Etc.


Type: Floor/ Ceiling /vertical & Loft Mounted


  1. Belt Drive/ Direct drive
  2. Chilled Water/ DX Systems